Trip To Town


Trip to Town is a modern children book following the story of Georgia and King as they make their way through the big smoke on the train. Trip to Town is a hardcover picture book and beautifully illustrated by Jeff Raglus.  Special $19.95.


Jeff Raglus credits include being:

  • former Mambo artist.

  • a musician who has performed nationally and internationally on the trumpet with the band The Bachelors from Prague and The Feeling Groovies which has just recorded a CD on Joe Camalleris JazzHead Label.

  • four times before published author/illustrator with Trip to Town (his first book by Pen and Brush Publishers), Blow Kid Blow (Penguin Australia, as illustrator), Stoked (Allen and Unwin, as illustrator) and Schnorky (Random House USA).

  • an artist who has exhibited collectively and solo in Melbourne and Sydney and who has designed album covers for Australian Bands.

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The Complete Guide to Winning Consumer Competitions
by Mach N. Dinh-Vu     Special $19.95 224pp


"Like the objectives that marketers set, this book is extremely SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely).  An absolute must for anyone who wants to increase their chances of winning competitions.
 Simon Hakim, Managing Director,
 The Hunting Party

 I WON A CAR! "I won a car from Take 5 this month, it is worth over $30,000, I only started entering again recently after a few years of not bothering. I read in that book 'Winners are Grinners' to try multiple entries, so I did, I bought 6 copies each week for about 6 or 8 weeks and came up trumps with a car after winning 3 phone cards and a smelly soapy pack." A testimonial from lottos member Jill. Click here for the entire thread

Winners are Grinners is the most comprehensive book on the market that gives the reader an insight into how consumer competitions operate and how to maximise their chances of winning them. Most people are unaware of the substantial prize money on offer. With the strategies and techniques discussed in this book, the reader can win their fair share of that prize money.

 The book discusses the Three Laws of Comping. Tips and Tricks on how to leverage the internet and take advantage of the competition portals. How to tackle magazine and store competitions. How to calculate the chances of winning and compare this against the Cost of Entry. There is a chapter on the techniques required to win '25 words or less' competitions. It discusses what the judges are looking for and shows how to stand out from the crowd.


About the Author
The author, Mach N. Dinh-Vu, has more than 20 years experience in Sales and Marketing. An MBA graduate, this is his fourth book. He offers a perspective into the Sales Promotion and Consumer Marketing industry, and gives the ordinary reader an unprecedented opportunity to win competitions.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1  : Win Your Lifestyle
Chapter 2  : Why run Competitions?
Chapter 3  : In 25 Words or Less
Chapter 4  : Internet Competitions
Chapter 5  : Magazine Competitions
Chapter 6  : Store Competitions
Chapter 7  : Phone in Competitions
Chapter 8  : Other Winning Ways
Chapter 9  : You are a Winner
Chapter 10 : A Comper's Diary
Index of Competitions



Dear Mach,

I have finished reading your book and have now passed it on to my mum to read! I found the book so interesting I could hardly put it down!

It was interesting to learn more about the 25 word or less comps because they used to always stump me but now I see them as a challenge not an unjumpable hurdle. I have taken your advice and I have come up with some great 25 word or less answers that previously I would never imagined possible.

I was also amazed to read how various competitions are drawn (eg. sms, internet, Take 5 & That's Life, etc.). I had always wondered how it was done and I feel that now that I have a better understanding of it all, I have a better chance of winning.

Thankyou for writing such an informative book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I will use it as a reference book for years to come. Please keep me informed of any other competition related books you publish, as I am looking forward to reading them!

Thanks again,

Dear Mach,

I purchased your book just before Christmas and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your hints and tips for comping. I now have a lot more confidence to enter 25 WOL's instead of being scared of them!

My question to you is do you think it is detrimental to put a PO Box address on the entry form or should it be a street address? Most Terms and Conditions of Entry do not state a preference. I enter Take 5 competitions weekly and was wondering about this.

Hoping you are able to advise me,
Kind regards, C.M.

Click here to find the author's response.

I recently came across your book and have now ordered it. I'm looking forward to reading it, but in the meantime, could you please add me to your mailing list.

I would also like to ask a question regarding a 25 word or less competition I want to enter. Is p.m (as in 11 p.m) considered to be one word or two? I've just had a look in the dictionary and p.m is listed as 'post meridiem' (two words). So should I in fact count 11 pm as three words? What are your thoughts? I look forward to hearing from you.

 Kind regards,

Author's Response: You raised a good point however abbreviations and contractions each count as one word. Thus p.m is an abbreviation and hence one word. Therefore 11pm is regarded as two words (at least I would think so). Consider the long form, eleven pm. If the judges use 'word count' in Microsoft Word (I talk more about this in the book), then it depends how you represent it in Word. If you enter it as 11pm (no space) then Word considers this as one word. If you put a space in there then it is two words.

If you feel your entry is a winner, then you should not lose it on a technicality. I would recommend that you err on the safe side and consider it as two words when totalling your submission.